Running Forward

A new chapter in life merits a new layout, I think. I have been a rather poor and infrequent blogger in the past, but I hope to remedy that starting this fall. Because this fall I will leave my friends and family in Texas behind, and move to Memphis, TN for the next four years to get my O.D. degree at Southern College of Optometry. The acceptance is tentative, but seeing as I’ve already finished my coursework and B.S., it won’t be a problem. As long as I’m not silly enough to neglect some paperwork, and I still have a pulse and fully functioning set of eyeballs, I should be in.

At this point, I am simply very excited. As moving day comes near, I’m sure I will be sad to leave, but not right now! I have been reading the course catalog over and over like a giddy little kid. The first semester courses include physiology and anatomy, which were my strong points in undergrad. Hopefully that will help. UTA standard of education, don’t fail me now!

My first task on hand is to find a roommate or mates, and start apartment hunting. I must say, we are entering into a very curious era where looking for living partners online is normal. But you have to admit, stalking a person’s Facebook page can give you a pretty good idea of what they’re like. I shudder to think of what will become the norm by the time my own children go to college! A few people have wondered why I chose Memphis of all places–as well as concerns about the general safely. Frankly, I chose the school, not the city. It’s certainly not Dallas, but it’s got a few charms of its own. As far as safety goes, some common sense and a can of mace should do well enough. I’d like to think I possess an ample amount of both.

Anyhow, enjoy the new layout. I’ll be tweaking it in the weeks to come. I’ve purposely left a generous space for posts with the full intention of writing much and including nice, big photos. It will be a fun way to chronicle my new experiences, as well as keep you guys posted. Be excited!!

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