The Current Life of Linh in Lists

Alas! I crawl out of my hamster hole to give you a life update:

-Graduated from UTA. B.S. Biology, Cum Laude, Linguistics Minor
-No longer living with Deanna. Back home with mama, papa, and grandma Hong
-Still together with Long (5 years and counting! *heart*)
-Technically still employed, but not really
-Doesn’t mind not working because I’m studying for the OAT (Jan 27th)
-In the process of applying to Optometry school
-If accepted, will matriculate this fall

In other words: If I’m not here next year, be happy for me. In the meantime, I just plan to finish my application and await the fateful news. Afterwards I will devote my days to enjoying what little free time I will have before starting school again. Enjoyment includes but is not limited to:

-Turning 23 (Woot woot!)
-Reading voraciously on my new Kindle.
-Crawling and writing reviews (don’t judge me!).
-Playing through my games for DS, particularly Zelda, Picross, and Golden Sun.
-Watching loads and loads of anime (reviews to come soon!).
-Blogging and site updates.
-Cleaning house (YES, I LOOK FORWARD TO IT).
-Sleeping in. Often.
-Making money (?)

What is NOT on the pending agenda?

-Eyeball examinations

So, stop asking!