Life Bucket List

“But tonight, I’m going to live for today
so come along for the ride
I hope I’m old before I die”


001 . Read every Agatha Christie Novel
Can’t remember when, but I read (and own) all 66!
002 . Build a home library of my dreams
003 . Donate blood (I’ve never been heavy enough!)
004 . Take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test)
005 . Go to Japan
006 . Watch all three Lord of the Rings extended DVDs back to back
01/08/05 – LotR Marathon at Tina’s. Great series, but not recommended, as we were all very butt-sore by the end!
007 . Visit the world’s 3 largest aquariums:
Georgia Aquarium (US) 07/06/07 – Family vacation. •
Churaumi Aquarium (JPN) •
Acquario di Genova (EUR)
008 . snorkelingGo snorkling
05/11/13 – Tela, Honduras. We were at a resort after SVOSH and they offered a little morning excursion to Punta Sal. Our many adventures included an island jungle hike, snorkeling, swimming through a cave, and a fresh meal on the beach. Best $50 I’ve ever spent!
009 . galaxy_theaterGo to a drive-in movie theater
01/20/06 – Galaxy Drive-In Theater. A little drive-in just south of Dallas that I had never heard of. My brothers took me for my birthday, and I had a great time! It was like having a private big screen to ourselves. That night was a double feature: Hoodwinked/Fun With Dick and Jane
010 . See Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew performed
04/21/07 – Dallas Theater Center. It was on a date with Long. It was a modernized interpretation that was pretty entertaining.
011 . Play every main Final Fantasy RPG: II • III • IV • V • VI • VII • VIII • IX • X • XI • XII • XIII
Some I played on emulators, as they were before my time. I would still have to say FF8 was my favorite.
012 . Attend a Final Fantasy Concert
06/21/09 – Distant Worlds by the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and Arnie Roth. Absolutely amazing. We splurged a little for the loge boxes. Seeing all my familiar DSO musicians playing old Final Fantasy favorites was really special.
013 . Win some money in Vegas (Just a few dollars would be fine. The only time I went, I was too young!)
014 . Attend a Japanese Rock/Pop concert (either here or in Japan)
09/11/05 – AnimeFest – Sakamoto Maaya. I was bummed I missed out on Do As Infinity when they were in Dallas, but getting to hear Sakamoto Maaya more than made up for it. One of my favorites!
015 . Watch an anime title for every letter of the alphabet (Just have ‘Q’ to go. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find one worth watching.)
016 . Stay at the Ice Hotel and see the northern lights
017 . Watch all eight Harry Potter movies back to back
018 . Learn ballroom dancing
01/18/06 – Ballroom Dance class at UTA. Took a course along with Deanna. Even though I only remember the Cha Cha and Waltz, I had so much fun and made some great friends
019 . Ride an ostrich (Really I want to ride a chocobo, but this will have to do.)
020 . Participate in a murder mystery party
021 . pi-chiHave a pet hamster
03/18/05 – Pi-Chi. She was a surprise gift from Long. Not too sure my parents were thrilled to have rodents in the house, but she was very cute all the same.
022 . Dress up for Holloween
10/30/06 – Frodo from LotR. I never had the opportunity to dress up growing up, so it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I absolutely love costumes and theme parties now.
023 . hairDonate hair to Locks of Love
08/22/12 – Donated 10 inches at Hi, Gorgeous. Worked out pretty well, since I’m always so bad about getting my hair cut regularly like I’m suppose to. This way I have an excuse to save it.
024 . Learn how to cook my mom’s pho
025 . Try a bottle of Kona Deep
026 . Build my own Little Free Library
027 . Attend an improv comedy club
028 . Hear Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in concert
10/29/09 – DSO, Conductor Stephane Deneve, Soloist Steven Osborne. Pretty much fell in love with this piece after hearing it in Nodame Cantabile. The DSO and Stephane Deneve did not disappoint.
029 . Build a snowman taller than myself
02/11/10 – Record breaking snowfall in Texas.
030 . Eat a slice of pizza backwards
01/05/07 – Bible study at church. Just something silly I’ve always seen on TV, but never remembered to do.
031 . Release 25 books on (22 more to go!)
032 . Eat Chicken Fried Bacon at Sodolak’s Country Inn in Snook, TX
02/27/09 – Raodtrip with Grace. We took something like a two hour detour on a trip back to Dallas from Houston to eat at place we had only seen on YouTube. Thank God for GPS! Pretty sure we were the only skinny people there. Absolutely terrible for you, and completely wonderful. I’ve had lots of chicken fried bacon since then, particularly at the State Fair, and none compare. You’ve got to go to Sodalak’s for the best.
033 . Mail in a secret to PostSecret
11/11/09 – Handed it to Frank Warren himself when he came to UTA. It was one of those touring events. The openness of total strangers always surprises me.
034 . Finish learning Besaid Island by Masashi Hamauzu on piano
035 . color_runRun a 5k
10/13/12 – Color Run – Memphis, TN. Okay, so we may not have run much of the way, but it still counts! The happiest 5k on the planet!
036 . Learn how to play an Erhu
10/2/11 – Bought an Erhu! Can’t say I’m very good yet, but I can squeak out Twinkle Tinkle Little Star!

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